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Doors Closing

The last day to join the FBM online programme is Sunday 7th April 2019. After this date I will be closing the doors to new practitioner's. What this means is that after this date I will be taking no new sign ups and the last available date to access the course online will be the 31st of July.

I've included some more info below to explain more about my decision.

For nearly 12 years I have been training practitioners from around the world in my Fertile Body Method approach to fertility problems. In 2011 I launched the FBM online programme which has trained approx 340 therapists to date. There is now a global web of FBM practitioners around the world, powerfully using mind-body approaches to support fertility. Amazing!

It has been a big decision to close the doors to new practitioners as I truly value the impact this mind-body approach can have on men and women trying to conceive. However, the time has come.

Over the years my work has continued to evolved, from a specialism in mind body approaches for fertility to a focus on the the wisdom and power of the menstrual cycle for wellbeing, creativity and spiritual life.

Alexandra Pope and I co-founded Red School in 2015 and are working together to train women worldwide in this new emerging field of Menstruality.  Red School has quickly become established as the gold standard in Menstruality education. In 2017 we published Wild Power: discover the magic of the menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power (Hay House, 2017).

As our work at Red School has taken off, it is demanding more of my time. This has led me to the decision to no longer offer the FBM Practitioner’s training. 

I will continue to promote the Fertile Body Method, maintain our web presence & visibility and host the practitioner’s register (where all practitioner's will continue to have a free listing). I will also be updating the main website to better represent the FBM and highlight the global network of practitioner's.  

A fantastic course. The FBM is such an inspiring method. I cant wait to pass this knowledge on to fertility clients.
Alexandra Heath
The course is practical, easy to follow, prompts reflection and opens the door to allow ones creative juices to flow.    For me, this has been by far the most beneficial course I have completed.   It has complimented my four years of studying counselling and psychotherapy by weaving together all that is pertinent to fertility counselling and adding the extra elements of hypnosis and guided visualisations
Angela Walsh
Fertility Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner
Limerick, Ireland