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The Fertile Body Method: Practitioner's Training DVD - SALE

The Fertile Body Method Training DVD is now being integrated into the The Fertile Body Method: Online Training Programme. Therefore all remaining copies of the DVD will now be sold at the special price of £25.00 (a saving of £73.00). Stocks are limited, so it will be a case of first come, first served.

The Fertile Body Method: Practitioner's Training DVD - SALE

© 2011 Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Filmed and produced by Mighty Productions


A training DVD for therapists outlining and demonstrating key techniques used in The Fertile Body Method approach.The Fertile Body Method Training DVD, brings the techniques and approaches in the Practitioner's Manual to life. The DVD set includes 6 and a half hours of learning during which you can:

watch excellent demonstrations
see live therapy sessions
experience the Fertile Body Method in action
learn how techniques are applied
gain confidence in working with fertility problem


The DVD is designed to be used alongside The Fertile Body Method: Pracitioner's Manual.

The navigation is structured according to the six stages of the FBM. The menu items for each stage include; a short overview of the stage, a summary of the main aims, important theroretical aspects of the stage, descriptions and demonstrations of a few key techniques and recommended reading from the Manual.

This DVD forms a part of the FBM Online Training Programme which is designed to help you learn the FBM and develop the skills needed to apply the techniques and approaches successfully with fertility clients.

The new Fertile Body Method Training DVD now costs £25.00 (a saving of £73.00) plus P&P

Please note that all orders are non-refundable. If you experience any problems please contact us.

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I'm enjoying watching and learning from the DVD.  It's really well put together! It offers an excellent accompaniment to the book, bringing the text to life using real people in real-life case studies.
- Jane Evans, Hypnotherapist

The Fertile Body Method constitutes an indispensable contribution to the field of hypnotherapy and its author deserves our appreciation.  
 - Elizabeth Muir  MSc.(Psych), Ph.D. MNACHP.

To put together a method that achieves this simplicity so elegantly and with such compassion for the client, takes a great deal of insight, scientific and experiential learning – all of which Sjanie offers with generosity.
 - Sara Hammond, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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